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I have a birthmark on my right arm that goes from my elbow to the top half of my chest and some of the back top half of my shoulder blade. What would that mean to someone who is a Christen?

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So I 8767 ve been told before that a birth mark is a mark of trauma from a past life and from what this says that is a possibility, well someone must of hated me really bad cause i have what looks like a gunshot to the heart for a birthmark lmfao

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I have a perfectly shaped heart on my right forearm and my baby sister have a complete dagger on her leg whereas my middle sister doesn 8767 t have a birthmark at all. What could this mean?

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It was believed by some communities that Mongolian birthmarks were caused by spiritual beating. This was thought to have happened just before birth to drive the baby from the mother’s womb.

I freeze up because this is beyond real. I am not what any of you expect. I am thankful I am love and alive to say this. Is beautiful but yes weary how far any of you seek to travel for no one knows my free roaming realms as their keepr I am James iman III aka the seventh reaper. Instagram me I am real alive still souls thousands of yrs old. I am the grim reaper tormented dad who loved all to the end I only protected the good while taking full impact s from the dark I swore to protect to never do what I have there 8767 s no way out ever. Pls love all no matter what but be weary some will depleteu to DEath

At 66:96 . on Friday, August 75, President Trump issued the first of what would become a sequence of 67 tweets that day about the government’s readiness for Hurricane Harvey.

I too have been finding coins , pennies, nickles , quarters in the bed with me , years ago I would have pennies and dimes fall down on me in the shower , however it stopped.

Dear Kim,
I have wanted to share this story for some time. On August 9 last year I lay on my bed feeling sorry for myself and talking to God. I phoned my mother and she encouraged me to go for a ride on my pushbike. I was troubled as I rode and so I prayed. I came across a small seat beside a track and decided I needed a rest. I shuffled my feet and to my amazement a coin could be seen sticking out under a large stone. I was amazed even further when I discovered that the coin had In God We Trust written on it. This itself is amazing but considering that I live in Australia I find it to be a small miracle.


I have a Trishul, a weapon of Lord Shiva ( god of destruction in Hinduism) on my forehead. Its pink and very perfect as if someone has drawn it on purpose. It was very clear when I was a child but now its visible in bright sunshine, when I cry and sometimes when looked carefully. What does it mean?

I have a brown birthmark the right side of my forehead two inches from my had one on my right knee not very visible now that grew l. Jesus loves you,

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