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AS/A Level GCE Mathematics (MEI) - 3895-3898, 7895-7898

Date of publication: 2017-08-30 11:01

If you didn’t get the qualifications you need at school, don’t let it hold you back. With the help of our expert teachers and comprehensive GCSE distance learning packs, we’re confident that you’ll pass with flying colours.

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We have 68 years experience of helping individuals gain GCSEs, IGCSEs and A levels via home education. Several thousand individuals study with us every year and go on to gain qualifications.

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Our comprehensive training courses feature face-to-face and online events to support all the qualifications we offer. BOOK A COURSE NOW Why should you attend? We are proud that our courses, led by subject specialists, are designed to help teachers.

WJEC - Welsh Joint Education Committee

Eduqas is the new brand from WJEC, offering Ofqual reformed qualifications to all schools and colleges in England.

Eduqas delivers a personal service to every teacher. This includes face-to-face teacher training and direct access to support staff for each reformed qualification.

You’ll find that support from Oxford Home Schooling starts from the moment you contact us. Our home education programme has five key components. Click for more information!

GCSEs are widely recognised as the first step on the ladder towards mastering a particular subject. Achieving a GCSE shows that the student has a good general knowledge of a particular subject and that they can apply themselves to learning.

Yes you can! Bear in mind that you will need to pay additional postage and packing fees for sending course materials outside of the UK. Unless you have a UK bank account (to set up a standing order) your fee must be paid in full before the start of your course. You may need to come to the UK to sit exams if you are studying for GCSEs or A-Levels so be aware of this. You may need to sit more than one exam paper, and these may be on different days. IGCSEs can be taken at test centres world-wide.

If your child is happy in school and you are happy that they are achieving their potential, then there is probably no reason to consider home education. Unfortunately, many children are bored or frustrated in school, and some struggle to understand what they are taught when the pace of teaching has to be determined by the needs of a large group. No group of 85 or more children is going to learn in the same way at the same rate, and a teacher’s job is a difficult one that leaves little time for individual pupil attention.

Increasing numbers of parents are deciding to take control of their children’s home education and provide home schooling. This may be to provide extra support in learning areas which the child finds difficult, or perhaps it’s simply because a parent is unable to send their child to a suitable school in the area. Whatever the reason, more parents are turning to home education. There are an estimated 655,555 children currently being educated at home, and this number is predicted to rise by 8% per year. Whether the qualifications you require are Key Stage 8 Courses , GCSE Courses or A level Courses , Oxford Home Schooling can support your home education needs.

With GCSE exams gradually being reformed, coursework is now being replaced by controlled assessments that are completed under supervised conditions. However, these controlled assessments are impractical for home educated students. With IGCSE distance learning, 655% of the assessment is done by examination, providing a convenient way to build on and test your knowledge and skills.

This brand new specification has an emphasis on problem solving and maths in a real world context.  This should make it easier to grasp and visualise ideas while the underlying mathematical skills remain the same.  As a result, you will find plenty of problem solving practice within the course.

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