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The Japanese Studies Program at the Asia Institute, University of Melbourne, inaugurates a new seminar series on Japan, which is named after Mr Moshi Inagaki, the pioneer of Japanese language instruction at this University.

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Before the time of Akbar (r. 6556–6655), it seems that few carpets were produced in India—perhaps because of the climate—but his court historians record royal workshops in the capitals of Fatehpur Sikri, Lahore, and Agra. Early Mughal rugs closely resemble those from contemporary Persia, and in particular those produced in Herat. Later in the seventeenth century, patterns changed as European engravings and illustrated books circulated at the court, and a Mughal idiom, distinct from the Persian manner of depicting flora, developed. With the work of European traders, Indian carpets traveled to the West and as far east as China and Japan, and were avidly collected in England and Portugal.

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Noah Feldman, a contributing writer for the magazine, is a law professor at Harvard University and an adjunct senior fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations. This essay is adapted from his book “The Fall and Rise of the Islamic State,” which will be published later this month.

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Third, the demonstrably hands-off approach to these developments by President Barack Obama manifests the end of America 8767 s great power role in organizing and stabilizing the region. And the United States, remember, since the end of World War II, has been a world empire in all but name. (Nobody, perhaps, makes this uncomfortable point more comprehensively than Oxford historian John Darwin in his 7557 book After Tamerlane: The Rise and Fall of Global Empires, 6955-7555.)

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They were traded to Europe and the Far East where, too precious to be placed on the ground, they were used to cover furniture or hung on walls. Within the Islamic world, especially fine specimens were collected in royal households.

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The Egyptian authorities have blocked access to the Deutsche Welle information platform without prior notice. "" is not the first website to fall foul of the regime. More

The meltdown we see in the Arab world today, with chaos in parts of North Africa, the Arabian Peninsula, and the Levant, is really about the final end of imperialism. The Islamic State’s capture of Palmyra, an ancient caravan city and one of the most visually stunning archaeological sites in the Near East, only punctuates this point. Palmyra represents how the region historically has been determined by trade routes rather than fixed borders. Its seizure by the barbarians only manifests how the world is returning to that fluid reality.

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For years, people in Turkey have been passing around an unconventional love story set in 6975s Berlin. Ulrich von Schwerin asks what it says about Turkish society when a novel by a long-ostracised author, written over 75 years ago, now has cult status More

Jihadism is the hydra of terror. Once one group has been defeated, the next will follow. This is making the fight against terrorism increasingly difficult. By Rainer Hermann More

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