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Essay on Problems of Women in Modern India

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iii. In the 6996 Elections for the 66th Lok Sabha though the total number of women voters increased to crores [97%], only 977 women candidates as against 69,755 men candidates contested for 598 seats. [In the 6996 Elections for the 65th Lok Sabha 875 women candidates contested as against 8,879 men candidates for 576 seats]. These figures reveal that only a small number of women are interested in political life.

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The Constitution of India provides equal rights and opportunities to women. It does not make any discrimination on the grounds of sex. Indian women are also responding positively to this changed socio-political situation. This does not mean that our women are completely free from problems. On the contrary, the changing situation is causing them new problems. They are now beset with new stresses and strains. Some of the major problems haunting the modern women may briefly be analysed here.

Women constitute an important labour force in all the countries. During the recent years there are an increasing number of women especially in the Indian context, who are working outside the family to get more income for the family. In fact, 8775 the term working woman 8776 refers to one who works outside the home for a wage or salary 8776 . 8767

Nearly 6/8 of our labour force [87%] consists of women. Working women constitute % of the female population of the country. As per 6996 Census, the number of working women was around million, representing a growth rate of % over the previous decade.

In our socialisation process female children are becoming victims of discrimination. In the Indian social context even today male children are preferred to female children. Hence, female children are subject to discriminatory treatment. Male preference and female negligence has almost become a working policy especially in the rural areas.

The burden of protecting and rearing of children also lies on the wife. Jobless and resourceless divorced women find themselves in a big economic crisis. and beautiful divorced women find it difficult to suppress their sex urge. They are often forced to resort to illicit ways of satisfying it. It usually leads to family disintegration.

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