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Date of publication: 2017-09-06 09:56

What 8767 s extra great though is Kindle 8767 s lending library. I believe the fund for March (as was February) is $655,555. I find that a lot of people get it under loan, then end up either buying the ebook or paperback for their libraries.

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Well, the hits certainly help, but I 8767 d suggest not to worry about that so much. Deliver the value in your eBook, guest post to many places, spread the word of your work, and let the rest unfold if your eBook is remarkable, then your readers will talk about and tweet it and so forth. It 8767 s an eBook so it 8767 ll be around for a long time.

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Chances are, if you can foresee a problem, you 8767 ll find a way around it. I challenge every one who 8767 s made a comment about 8775 But what about... 8776 or 8775 You can 8767 t... 8776 to suspend disbelief for 85 days, and give this an honest try. Slay the dragon of Resistance. (And, like Rex said, if you really want help... )


If I were you, Andy, I 8767 d see what other resources exist online: are there blogs, YouTube videos, or similar? It so, it might simply be that it 8767 s a fairly untapped niche in ebooks.

Great article! You left out one very crucial step editing. If you want to assert your authority, hire a professional editor to make your book as flawless as possible.

I personally think it 8767 s better to price a product too low than too high. If you price it too low then at least you will get sales and can know to increase that. If you price your product too high and then have to bring that down, it will be clear to your audience that sales are low and you lose any social proof you may have had.

I 8767 m giving it ago like one week ago before this post is published. One thing I learned is to stop editing while writing which I found that most people think the same after reading this post.

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Contact blogs that cover topics relevant to your ebook, and submit to them to be reviewed. This is another great way to market your ebook to your target audience.

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