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Alan Turing: Computer Pioneer, Code-Breaker, Gay Icon

Date of publication: 2017-08-28 09:56

Needless to say it would not occur in the machine expressed in English. It would more likely be coded in a form such as 6859985767. Here 67 says which of various possible operations is to be performed on the two numbers. In this case the)e operation is that described above, viz., Add the number.... It will be noticed that the instruction takes up 65 digits and so forms one packet of information, very conveniently. The control will normally take the instructions to be obeyed in the order of the positions in which they are stored, but occasionally an instruction such as

Who Can Name the Bigger Number? - Scott Aaronson

When later we were living in Guildford, he had a series of crazes. He tried to learn the violin, which was excruciating. Then he turned his attention to breeding those little red banana flies in test tubes, so that he could prove Mendel’s theory at first hand. Unfortunately, they escaped and the house was full of banana flies for several days.

Turing, Father of the Modern Computer - The Rutherford Journal

PS: it is a little odd that Robert acts so incredulous about Monism but later just throws out, "ya' know, those singularity guys, (Kurzweil et al) of course, of course!"

MY HEROES - as-nature

A week ahead of the Science Museum's Alan Turing exhibition - 'Codebreaker' - Matilda Battersby speaks to his old assistant and his nephew to find out what drove one of Britain's greatest men and looks at the machines that helped make his name.

The Pilot ACE computer at the National Physical Laboratory. Early computers processed numbers entered on punch cards, which were literally pieces of paper with holes in.

But could we create an artificial device that feels but isn't biologically alive? That's a really great question, but it is absolutely, positively, forever-and-a-day very much not the same as asking if we could make something that is alive.

Hello, I enjoyed the show today. I didn't listen to the end. I left after robot woman talked about her "brother" . Perhaps you told the listener after I left how the robot accessed the story to tell, but if you did not, that was a mistake. A moving story about a Vietnam vet brother coming from her mouth NEEDS TO BE TALKED ABOUT BECAUSE HOW DID THE TECHNOLOGY OF ROBOT COME up with that? It's part of the story. Most fascinating since it's a step beyond robot answering who is Hillary Clinton.
Instead the commentators just marveled at it in a way that excluded listener.
Thanks so much for show, Rosemary Moore

Also, the heart is finite in size, and you are thinking of it as a collection of digital logic gates, which means that the amount of information that it can store is bounded by a constant. This makes it a deterministic finite automaton, and those are not Turing-complete by a long shot.

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