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Quarter 3 Exam Essay: The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

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In "The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn" Mark Twain depicts various characters in the story according to his own moral and social beliefs. He portrays some characters as admirable or virtuous, and others as dislikeable or amoral. These portrayals.

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Huck continues to pretend that he is Tom Sawyer, and Tom pretends that he is Huck&apos s friend, Sid. Jim is locked up in a small hut where all the other slaves live, and Tom and Huck set out to free him. However, instead of simply unlatching the door, Tom insists on making the escape look really genuine. So they dig a tunnel underneath the hut and make Jim carve all these things on the wall. Until finally, Tom tells the family that some Indians are planning on stealing Jim. That same night, they plan the escape it all goes smooth until Tom gets shot. So when Tom was getting better, he told his Aunt that they were the ones that stole Jim, not the Indians.

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In The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Mark Twain paints, through the southern drawl of an ignorant village boy, the story of America as it existed in the quickly receding era of his own childhood. While written about childhood adventures,.

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"My idea of our civilization is that it is a shoddy, poor thing and full of cruelties, vanities, arrogances, meannesses, and hypocrisies," Mark Twain once reflected. Morality does not flourish in such a society, as illustrated by its rampant.

Huck tries desperately too lose the liars but is stuck with them for a short while longer until they finally get caught and the boys are rid of them. However, things are not good at all, for Jim got kidnapped. Huck looks for Jim until he finds out where he is staying. However, when he gets there, the people mistake him for Tom Sawyer, of all people. So Huck lets on that he is Tom Sawyer until the real Tom Sawyer shows up and everything gets really crazy.

They continue their journey down the river until, they help two men by letting them raft with them. One man claims he&apos s a Duke while the other claims he&apos s the rightful King of France, Huck can see right through their lies but Jim is fascinated and gives both men tremendous respect. The Duke and Kinds turn out to be great con men, conning every town that they pass in some way. Tricking people is their specialty, and they are very good at it. Huck and Jim go along with their cons until one goes too far. The men plan on robbing a dead mans inheritance by claiming they were his brothers, but Huck luckily pulls the plug on them and foils their plans.

Written during a time in which racial inequality is the norm, and people of color are looked upon as lesser beings, Mark Twain, in his landmark novel The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, pens a character in Jim who is the epitome of restrained.

Because Jim is a runaway slave, it is necessary for Huck to keep quiet in times like for instance when Huck lies to them men about him being in the raft, instead telling them that his ill "pap" is in the raft. Huck does whatever he can to keep his word that " he will not tell on Jim.
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After a long argument the family accepts the truth and everyone is happy. Jim is freed, Huck&apos s pap was killed and he gets the six thousand dollars back, and Tom remains the mischievous boy he always was. Aunt Sally adopts Huck and that is the end of the story.

"O, it's de dad-blame' witches, sah, en I wisht I was dead, I do. Dey's awluz at it, sah, en dey do mos' kill me, dey skyers me so. Please to don't tell nobody 'bout it, sah, er ole mars Silas he'll scole me 'kase he say dey ain' no witches. I.

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