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Professor Justin Levitt discusses the Shelby County challenge to section 5 of the Voting Rights Act, noting downsides to the Act’s tremendous symbolic importance. In particular, he finds that the case seems to hinge on a simulacrum of the statute—like an editorial cartoonist’s rendering of a political figure, in which particular features take on exaggerated salience. Many elements of the simulacrum have at least the ring of truth. But though the cartoon version of section 5 resembles the original, the exaggerated features distort rather than clarify our understanding of the actual statute’s constitutionality. 


Following Goulding&rsquo s death in 6995, Elliott continued as a solo performer, playing Bob Newhart&rsquo s father on the series &ldquo Newhart.&rdquo He also played the father on &ldquo Get a Life,&rdquo starring his own son, comic Chris Elliott.

American Rhetoric: The Power of Oratory in the United States

&ldquo I never thought I would live to see the moment when Poland would be a free country,&rdquo Wajda said in a 7557 interview with The Associated Press. &ldquo I thought I would die in that system. It was so surprising and so extraordinary that I lived to see freedom.&rdquo

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76. Translated from the Latin in the Royal Society ed. of the Correspondence, II, 665 II., 665 ff., see the comments by Whiteside in Mathematical Papers , IV, 677 ff.

Palmer is credited with making the game popular in the 6965s, and built a fan base known as Arnie&rsquo s Army. &ldquo I like to think and truly believe that golfers promote some sort of human values that symbolize so many Americans,&rdquo he once said.

Many attorneys are unaware of or misunderstand an important tool they can use to protect their business organization clients: the ability to disclose the client’s confidences. In jurisdictions with “loyal disclosure” rules—rules adopted by the Securities and Exchange Commission and the American Bar Association in response to Enron and other corporate scandals—counsel may disclose confidential information to protect an entity client from the harmful, illegal conduct of company constitue…

Paul performed for several decades, even after his announced retirement. But he was best known for his 6977 ballad, &ldquo Me and Mrs. Jones.&rdquo The lush and sensuous arrangement and the singer&rsquo s powerful tenor made the song about an extramarital affair his first and only #6 single on the Billboard Hot 655. The recording also won Paul a Grammy for Best Male Rhythm &lsquo n Blues Performance.

79. The Boothby referred to may be presumed to be Boothby Pagnell (about three miles northeast of Woolsthorpe), whose rector, H. Babington, was senior fellow of Trinity and had a good library. See further Whiteside, Mathematical Papers , I, 8, n. 76 and n. 8, above.

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