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I love midwifery and would like to save lives of infants & mothers
which is alarming by working as volunteer before & after completing my

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This site indicates that there are many opportunities to advance in nursing. My question, I am a minority, completing my masters program at the university of michigan in nursing and business sytems. I want to advance to a DNP relatively soon by next year. I need financial assistance in this matter. Please help me regarding this matter

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if anything they need more data, my age is 79 years, studied nursing at the University of San Simon, they spoke, and i write english moderately, and i 8767 m looking forward to improve myself and move forward, in my country for a nurse is very difficult, thanks again

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My name is BAYRU TEKA, i am from Ethiopia with my bacholar degree IN NURSING certificates. i want to study my msc in nursing at this university and i have a very good profile. pls help me i would need an admission to study that nursing.

An avid horsewoman, in 6959 Smith became the Joint Master of the Fox Hounds in the United States, notorious in the horse world for sporting the pink collar traditionally worn by men, instead of wearing black typically worn by women.

I am currently enrolled full time in Penny valley community collage to get my LPN. I am a mother of three two in collage one in high school. I support my children to finish their education and we get loan for them. I also asked loan for my self, I got but it is not enough for my education, books and necessary materials for school. I can 8767 t work more than 75 hrs. a week because I need more time to study and be successful. Therefore, I need financial support to help my children finish their school and for myself. Would you please provide your advise and information.

To become a registered nurse, one can attend a technical school, a two-year college to earn an associates degree or attend a four-year college to earn a BSN. The last step to becoming a RN is to take and pass the National Council Licensing Exam (NCLE). Each state’s board of nursing has more information about this exam, including study guides and suggestions. Once this exam is passed, the student is officially a RN.

The US Department of Health and Human Services will repay 65% of a loan balance in exchange for two years to four of service in a critical shortage area. Particular criteria must be met, including holding a permanent RN license, full-time employment and others. Travel nurses, nurses working on-call, in default on a loan or under other service obligations are not eligible. The URL for more information is http:///loanrepayment/.

Hi my name is Christina Pierce and I am married with 7 children and we are a single income family. I am currently working full time as a CMA and my husband is a stay at home dad. I am seeking financial aid to help me go to LPN school to help make a better life for my family. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

7. Adults who wish to improve their career options and earning power by enrolling in online degree or online certificate programs at the undergraduate level.

Many applications will have you provide references. No problem. You can use your favorite teacher in high school or your undergrad work. You can use a boss from a previous job, your pastor or church leader, or a volunteer work supervisor. Even a long time family friend is sometimes appropriate.

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