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Date of publication: 2017-08-25 23:01

This subject builds on the work covered in ECON95558 Macroeconomics. The focus is on providing a detailed coverage of particular topics of contemporary importance. Topics covered may include:

Business Economics - Doctoral - Harvard Business School

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The substantive content of the Special Topics subject will include current research projects being conducted by Faculty staff and/or visiting scholars.

HEC Paris - PhD program in management | HEC Paris

Industry links are a win-win, especially for graduates. Visit industry and alumni to see how we connect with the best, and how you can connect with your classmates.

Benefits to having a PhD include prestige, the right to be viewed as an expert and authority, and the ability to apply for high-level jobs. The PhD signals advanced research skills and qualification to teach at the university level. Living in this age of information and technology, within a globalizing economy, means that the need for more education and specialization is much higher than in the past.

Year 7 consists of advanced PhD level coursework and preparation of a detailed research proposal direct entry into year 7 requires a prior Master degree of appropriate standard and content, such as at least a merit from one of the Manchester degrees mentioned above, or equivalent from elsewhere.

The PhD is one of the oldest doctorates, and bears the weight of tradition, history, and universal respect. PhDs are traditionally academic degrees, not professional certifications (not applied or vocational). However, this distinction is changing and blurring. Today, you can get a PhD in applied fields such as Management, Social Work, and Computer Science. You can also get a PhD in arts-related fields, such as Creative Writing, that formerly used the MFA as the terminal degree.

The 7567 academic placement season continues HEC's tradition of producing impactful, interesting, and rigorous PhDs, able to transfer and apply their knowledge and research abilities to academia, international government agencies, and industry, and all around the globe. In review of recent 7567 placements:

Entry into the programme requires both the prior attainment of certain academic qualifications and also the submission of a satisfactory research proposal at time of application.

Alternative programs can be designed for students with different research interests such as human decision-making and the use of information. Such programs typically substitute significant coursework in psychology for courses in economics.

Faculty and PhD students work in all major areas within economics and the programme includes a comprehensive range of advanced field seminars. We offer an environment with an excellent research infrastructure and ample opportunities for informal interaction, in which students are integrated into research groups formed across the Department and associated Research Centres.

It is perhaps fitting that as the University of Michigan begins to celebrate its bicentennial that an economic historian takes over as department chair. The celebration reminds us of all that we value about U-M. I look forward to a productive and exciting term ahead.  Read more here.

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