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Towards an Architecture of Métis Resistance — THE SITE

Date of publication: 2017-09-04 05:34

As soon as I saw the very top of the 8776 Halfbreed 8776 print, I knew instantly what it was. I 8767 m very familiar with that particular piece of art. Very familiar indeed. You see, Richard Gauthier is actually my father, and he has a full size copy of the print hanging in his home, in Kelowna, of which I am a frequent visitor (he and my mom divorced when I was really It 8767 s interesting to run across it here,as I never really thought I 8767 d come across it on the Internet. And now I have.


If, as argued by Semper, Frampton, and various others since, tectonics have ontological significance, the role of the log enclosure, from a Métis indigenous perspective, is essential. For instance, the contemporary homes implemented in Métis communities nearly always employ conventional light-framed construction, often pre-manufactured and completely disconnected from their site. Rather than considering contemporary ways of building with structural wood systems, the mass, texture, smell and acoustic role of the logs has been essentially erased from the everyday experience of Métis people, despite it being recognized as their traditional way of building, and hence living.

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This is interesting history but you all know metis just means mixed right? because I live in Canada French people always call my son metis because he is mixed black mother originally from Haiti and a white father that is Irish,Scottish,English,Welsh,German,Austerian,American and Canadian. Also metis in Europe just means mixed it is used allot all over Europe.

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So unless you are saying that there is something super special about European 8775 blood 8776 and that inter-marriage between First Nations ppls (within which exist incredibly diverse and distinct cultures) doesn 8767 t 8775 count 8776 as mixing, this 8775 mixing-as-ethnogenesis 8776 trope doesn 8767 t really hold up. It CAN happen. It is not inevitable.

Obviously the historical and cultural contexts are different depending on the region you come from. I have yet to meet an FN from northern Alberta or NWT or the Yukon who was not very familiar with the Métis (which makes sense given how intermarried we are). So I didn 8767 t get challenged about being Métis very often. When it did happen, it was often on a blood quantum level a discussion that I think may be more common in the east?

Many here are lucky to know who and where they came from as full or metis. It is not fair to the others who only know by family word of mouth. Many of us were robbed of our identities always caused by the political governments of both Canada and US. Because I search for the truth in regards to metis does not mean I seek entitlement but rather learn the ways I was robbed from. The sad truth is I still see anger from both sides. Thank you for sharing your knowledge, research and website.

This was so amazing to read! I hope you don 8767 t mind but I shall be quoting it in a paper i 8767 m writing on Metis history and identity. Pretty cool to be quoting a distant relation for school (Louis Calihoo is my greatx5 grandfather, descended from his daughter Marie Anne that he had with his first wife Marie katis la Sekanaise.)

Thanks for your blogpost. It was very enjoyable to read through all the comments. My family have always identified with native culture even before we found out Both my parents were Metis.

For many Metis in the , many times it 8767 s a convenient flavor of the month, when it suits them to tell you that they are Native. But, many of them will make disparaging remarks against Natives (., they are so uneducated, drunk, so poor, so dumb, so dark). I 8767 ve seen my parents and other Metis make this comments. It disgusts me. Many Metis who are sell outs will emphasize their European side as who they are (., French, English, Scotish, German, Spanish, Portuguese).

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