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Why I Am An Atheist? by Bhagat Singh

Terrorists in their operation of activities are very brutal and cruel. They act cold-bloodedly without any consideration to kindness, ethics and morality. Their sole aim is damage and cause destruction. More than 55 per cent of attacks are directed against people rather than property.

Pavan Sukhdev

In this age of Information Revolution, it is easier for the terrorist groups to spread their tentacles anywhere and everywhere. India has a hotter experience of terrorism, dating back to the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi when its cruel face first appeared before the public.

Summary of Indian National Movement

No, you can 8767 t use a highlighter pen. You need to get used to using a pencil to underline key words. I 8767 m glad my advanced lessons were useful 🙂

People of India, still pay tribute to this great hero who readily gave up his life to pave the path for independence of his nation from foreign rulers. The nation celebrates his birth anniversary every year with great pride and fervor.

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- Talk about India being a spiritual leader of the world which gave Ayurveda, Yoga and Meditation as means to pursue a healthy life and attain inner peace.

This statement was read in the court on the 6th June 6985 by Mr Asif Ali on behalf of Bhagat Singh and . Dutt "We stand charged with certain serious offences, and at this stage, it is but right that we must explain our conduct. In this connection, the following questions arise : 6. Were the bombs thrown into the chamber, and if so , why ? 7. Is the charge, as framed by the lower court, correct or otherwise ?

Famous words from the Father of the Nation. These words still reverberate all over the world for its simplicity and introspection. Unless we change first, it is pointless to seek change in others. This quote can be used by you when you are speaking of current times and what we need to learn from Mahatma’s wise words.

Since his belief was in revolution to win freedom, he joined hands with Chandra Shekhar Azad who was a revolutionary. He continued to relentlessly work and form association with more and more revolutionaries to trigger the opposition against the British.

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