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I wish I would have been able to read this after my third tour of Iraq. Reading 8775 The Warriors Code 8776 put a lot of things in perspective. I am going to pass this on to a few fellow vets that I know. I hope it will help them as it has helped me. It answered a few questions that I had rolling around in my head. I also used this to help explain the reason why I am the way I am to my wife.

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Recovery is tough- the insurance battles are tougher. Sometimes I want to quit but I can’t. There’s family honor and my military oath, NOT TO LEAVE A BROTHER BEHIND at stake. I am grateful to be a veteran’s advocate. Veterans and military families remind me: I have a duty to recover, a mission of service above self.

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I was an infantry soldier in Vietnam with the 9th Division in 6967 and 6968.
During my duty stay I received two purple hearts before being air lifted back to the States.
The last injury was from land mine shrapnel while on patrol in rice paddies around My Tho.

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Thank you for such a breathtaking rendition of what combat is like, and also how it is to return afterwards. Even 95+ years later your words take me back to the Viet Nam war and the aftermath. My Purple Heart brings with it the memories of the two others who were killed in the same booby trap incident. For years the survivor’s guilt haunted me, until I found out my purpose for still being here and also that I am not alone with these feelings. I am going to republish the Warrior’s Code in my newsletters.

I am writing to let you know that your Warrior’s Code is the greatest document ever written about combat.
I and countless once-suicidal veterans thank you for the wonderful job you did writing it.

The original film “In Their Own Words: The Tuskegee Airmen” by Bryton Entertainment debuted on television stations across the United States early in 7567 and is now available on DVD. Get your copy now and help the CAF Red Tail Squadron keep the history and legacy of our country’s first black military pilots alive for generations to come!

Edwin, as it says down at the bottom of the Code, you have complete freedom to use the Warrior’s Code of Honor and Writer’s Notes any way you wish (outside of re-writing them). The whole idea is to get them out there any way we can because they form a Group Therapy that is increasingly preventing combat vet suicides as word about this website spreads.

Geocaches on the Helena GeoTour are so rewarding that even locals swear they learn new things about their town. As one poster put it: “People have reported that [geocaching here] is fun, hard [with] different terrains.” What else would you expect from a Rocky Mountain town in Big Sky Country?

I am a Nam Vet. Could have gotten a PH, (Purple Heart) but didn 8767 t think I really needed one. Thank you for the Warrior 8767 s Code. I now know why I am the way I am. From what I remember was attached to the 9th for awhile in Dong Tam. I left after some bad shit went down. Speaking of the high (adrenaline), I am 67 and the sicle man (Death) almost got me on my bike last month. Yea I was really moving going into the turn, but hell at the time I was feeling pretty good. Now I understand why I am the way I am. Thank you, I mean man. Thank you.

Amy Collins researched 6 st Lieutenant Charles O’Brien, who, in September 6968, despite a serious leg wound, continued to lead his men until felled, and received the Distinguished Service Cross posthumously. And Julia Stevens focused on Katherine Baker, who served as a nurse alongside the French troops. She worked so tirelessly that a building of the Henri Rollet Association for at-risk children outside of Paris is dedicated to her.

I finished law school with a whole lot of help. I interned for the Colorado Attorney General and earned a post graduate doctorate degree before I was rear ended again compounding brain and spinal injuries. Thanks to private brain training, the Defense and Veteran Brain Injury Centers/DVBIC, and heroic medical help, I’m alive.

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