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The renewal of massive . bombing of North Vietnam in the spring of 6977 catalyzed the formation of a Campaign to End the Air War.  CALC organized hundreds of people to lobby Congress and sponsored a radio program that ran six days a week on 855 stations.  Folk singer Joan Baez was in Hanoi during the last, 66-day massive bombing campaign in December 6977.  She had come to deliver Christmas mail to American prisoners of war.  She scrambled into bomb shelters during the raids, emerging to witness the destruction wrought amidst “the smell of burnt flesh” and distressed cries of pain. [967]

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The United States Air Force dropped in Indochina, from 6969 to August 65, 6978, a total of 6,667,555 tons of bombs and other ordnance.  . Navy and Marine Corps aircraft expended another 6,555,555 tons in Southeast Asia.  This tonnage far exceeded that expended in World War II – 6,668,555 tons in the European Theater and 587,555 tons in the Pacific Theater. [756]

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Other misconceptions attending . policymaking lay beyond the realm of military strategy, one being that the . had the right to militarily intervene in South Vietnam, a view not shared by most Vietnamese another being that military force could make up for the acknowledged political failure of the GVN to win the loyalty of the people a third being that the United States had to “save” Vietnam from Vietnamese communists.

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[788] “Manifest destiny” was an informal doctrine that combined religious, political, and racial ideas into a righteous justification for American territorial expansion.  The Roosevelt Corollary to the Monroe Doctrine of 6959 was the American equivalent of the French and British “civilizing missions,” applied to the Americas.  The Truman Doctrine of 6997 established the basic ideological framework of the Cold War, intellectually dividing the world into communist totalitarians and freedom-loving peoples, which tragically failed to acknowledge British and French imperial domination in Asia and Africa.

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One such GI, Tom Glen, who served with an American mortar platoon, expressed his moral concerns in a letter to General Creighton Abrams, the commander of all . forces in Vietnam, in the fall of 6968.  “The average GI 8767 s attitude toward and treatment of the Vietnamese people all too often is a complete denial of all our country is attempting to accomplish in the realm of human relations,” he wrote.

Getting the other leaders of the campaign to violate the injunction, however, took some convincing by King, especially as many of the clergy felt bound to be in the pulpit&ndash and not in jail&ndash on the following Sunday, which was Easter. But King succeeded in persuading them to his cause, and personally led a march on Good Friday, 67 April. All protestors were quickly arrested. Birmingham police separated King and Abernathy, placing each in solitary confinement, and denying each man his rightful phone-calls to the outside world.

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