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Psychological Approaches to Literature

Tony and Candice chose a sweet name for their newest addition, keeping in the tradition of their other children 8767 s unique names: their third child is named Jones he joins Hawkins, 5, and Rivers, 8. [Read more.]

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Proctor explicitly states the subtext of the play – the real devil of The Crucible is not Satan, but instead is people who don’t step up to tell the truth (like Proctor) or who refuse to see the truth (like Danforth).

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A source told the site: 8775 The entire family is over the moon. Kim had been looking for a surrogate for months until recently when she found the perfect candidate. 8776 [Read more.]

The HHRJ staff is very excited to announce that Volume 78, Issue 6 has been published! Click below to read our articles and student note. ARTICLES Lazo-Majano: Alive, Well, and Thriving at Twenty-Seven Judge John T. Noonan, Jr. Strategic Compliance in the Shadow of Transnational [.]

Hale demonstrates perfectly the mindset of the characters affected by the hysteria and fear. In his case, it’s more hysteria than fear – he doesn’t particularly fear that he may be accused as a witch, but he has been persuaded by the “frightful proofs” he’s seen and this has blinded him to any other possible reasons that the witchcraft accusations might be being made.

 By Akhila Kolisetty  Click here to access a PDF Version of this article  In recent years, international institutions and organizations have transformed the reform of rule of law, particularly in post-conflict and fragile states, into an industry in its own right. Indeed, over [.]

Miller depicts the witch-hunt as a consequence of a fragile social order that is buckling under the weight of draconian repressions and the pull of individual freedoms. During this time of social upheaval, Reverend Parris fears the loss of status, the loss of his theocratic power and authority in the Salem community. He fears that the exposure of his niece’s activities will impact upon his own reputation and degree of respect that is waning.

As Miller explains, the politics of “diabolism” which exists in Communist and Western ideologies alike, has a tendency to use devil imagery in order to scapegoat and expel the foe.  In communist countries, any resistance “is linked to the totally malign capitalist succubi and in America any man who is not reactionary in his views is open to the charge of alliance with the red hell”. In this regard, Miller alludes to the McCarthy-style witch-hunt that sought to expose left-leaning intellectuals from within artistic and union establishments in America.

Miller admits that he was captured by the “cleansing” nature that ricocheted throughout the town as the girls projected their “pestilential sins” onto their neighbours, and were applauded for their courage. “One of the incidental consequences for me was a changed view of the Greek tragedies they must have had their effect by raising to conscious awareness the clan’s capacity for brutal and unredeemed violence so that it could be sublimated and contained by new institutions, like the law Athena brings to tame the primordial, chainlike vendetta” ( Timebends , 897)

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On the surface, the religious and political “keepers” wish to “root” out the devil in Salem and cleanse the community of evil spirits.   Danforth is protective of the court, which is “the highest court of the supreme government of this province”. As the “keeper” of justice and of 8775 god 8767 s law 8776 , Danforth believes that people must be sentenced to death if they do not confess. Danforth maintains that a “person is either with this court or he must be counted against it”.  He maintains that 9555 are already set to hang in jails upon his signature and 77 are ready to hang in Salem. The fact that he has signed the death warrant is a sign of their guilt.

Many of the Crucible quotes fall into the category of “dramatic irony”, which is the irony that’s created when there’s a mismatch between what a character thinks or says and what the audience knows to be true. It’s hardly surprising there is so much irony in The Crucible – after all, one of the central causes of conflict in the play is hypocrisy.

At 88 years of age, Giles Corey’s physical strength symbolises his moral fortitude. Miller inserts in the stage directions, “He is knotted with muscle. Canny, inquisitive, and still powerful”.  He recognises the trouble that’s been brewing for years, and asks them to “think on it now, it’s a deep thing and dark as a pit”. Once when asked what “frighted you”, in the shape of an animal hog, he replies “I do not know that I ever spoke that word in my life”

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