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it is treated with BOILER COMPOUND to give it the right chemical characteristics for use in the boiler, otherwise the boiler would quickly become inoperative. Salt water leaking from the condenser tubes soon ruins the feed, and must be detected as soon as the leak occurs.

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This system collects fresh water which drains from various steam machinery units into open funnels and conducts this water to a DRAIN COLLECTING TANK in the bilges. From the drain collecting tanks, the water is drawn through a vacuum trap into either the dynamo or main condensers.

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However, after the feed leaves the DYNAMO CONDENSATE PUMP it goes Into the main deaerating feed tank instead of a separate deaerating tank, for use in port, when the main feed pumps are not in use, in AUXILIARY FEED BOOSTER PUMP is provided which discharges to an EMERGENCY and PORT USE FEED PUMP.

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NOTE:- If the reader has not had any previous knowledge of electricity he should study the meaning of the terms 8775 VOLT 8776 , 8775 AMPERE 8776 , 8775 KILOWATT 8776 , 8775 PHASE 8776 , 8775 CYCLE 8776 , 8775 FREQUENCY 8776 , 8775 FLAG 8776 , 8775 LEAD 8776 , 8775 POWER FACTOR 8776 , 8775 RESISTANCE 8776 , 8775 IMPEDANCE 8776 , 8775 REACTANCE 8776 , 8775 INDUCTANCE 8776 , 8775 CAPACITY 8776 , 8775 SYNCHRONIZE 8776 , 8775 FIELD 8776 , and 8775 LINES OF FORCE 8776 .

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(j)  Weapons. Handling of small arms, in particular automatic pistol, require eternal vigilance. Accidents resulting from small arms can only be the result of carelessness, because all personnel aboard the MASSACHUSETTS, who will be required to use them, will first be qualified in their use by the Gunnery Officer.

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If pressure is put on one ram and reduced simultaneously on the on the other ram, the crosshead will be turned, turning the rudder. This shifting of pressure in the rams is accomplished by the tilting box as described above. On the crosshead gear shafts as a FOLLOW UP MECHANISM to return the tilting box to a vertical position as the rudder turns otherwise the rudder would keep on going to the 8775 hard-over 8776 position every time the tilting box is moved from the vertical.

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